During these challenging times, having various income producing options is the way to go. Our intern, Lutendo Ntshiveli, put together a list of 10 online jobs you can do at the comfort of your home.

  • Write Articles

This is one of the fastest ways to making money by making use of freelance writhing sites. It can include textbroker which allow anyone to join their sites and sign up as a writer or a client.

  • Become a YouTube content creator

As long as you speak on what you know, and what you are passionate about your videos are likely to stand out. Consistency is key, and the more you do it the better at it you will become. Over a period of time, and with more engagement, YouTube can monetise your channel allowing you to make money.

  • Create an Online Course  

There are people out there who would be happy to pay for you to teach them. By making use of creating podcasts and sell your knowledge in a particular subject. All you need to do is to make sure that your course are useful, easy to follow and lead to beneficial results for your students.

  • Manage Ads

Many people are leaning all about Facebook Ads and figuring out ways to create ads that sell. All they do is to pitch their services to large brands with the idea that they’ll create on ads. Al l you need to do is to get your profit-positive campaign.

  • Web Developer

They create attractive and functional websites using coding and graphic design skills.

  • Editor

These are people who correct typos and grammar then rewrite content to make it clear and stronger.

  • Blog

It is said that these has been a go-to strategy for online entrepreneurs. And by doing so you should know your target audience by staying true and always deliver something new for them.

  • Personal Trainer

With the country fast becoming health conscious, why not dedicate your time to assist clients in reaching their fitness goals? And one thing I love about that is that you won’t need so much resources all you need is your patience in dealing with different types of people.

  • Web Design

Since technology is changing so fast into better ways of doing work, and companies or organizations have no time to be updating to the latest trends. Your dedication to trying or finding better ways to the particular company might be highly recommended. 

  • Online Surveys

This only needs a few minuet of your time. Though you better be careful since there are lots of scrams meanwhile some of them are legit. All you need to do is dedicate some time to answer some of the questions online, in doing so you get to see which one is real and fake.

Hopefully this above information becomes helpful and useful to you. Either Full-time or side Hustle, they don’t need any qualifications. All you need is access to internet then you good to go.