We are happy to announce that this year, the BrownSense Market will be curating a market at the Rand Show [13 April – 18 April 2022].

We have space for up to 100 merchants that can trade on the abovementioned days [all of the stated dates]. The good news for you is that this is a subsidized opportunity [only with a few conditions], and this has been made possible by TymeBank whom we recently established a partnership with. This is one of many exciting opportunities to come.

The criteria to take part in this market is the following:
– you will be required to have a TymeBank account [or open one], sign up for TymePos, and use it during the market [the TymeBank point of sale solution];
– you will need to have an Android phone as TymePos is currently available on Android;
– you must have a South African Identity Number;
– paying an admin fee of R150;
– you will attend for all the 6 days [or make sure you have someone to man your stall];
– you must be a BrownSense Verified member. If you are not, here’s the link to apply [annual cost is R200]: https://www.brownsense.co.za/event-details/brownsense-verified/form

Because this is an indoor space, food merchants will only be limited to pre-packaged food [eg sandwiches, cakes, condiments, saunces; etc] as no cooking will be allowed on the premises. If you sell alcohol, these will only be restricted to craft beer, gin, and wine but alcohol would have to be sold for off site consumption. This means you would have to seal the package so that your customers can only open it off site. You may do tastings, however you will need to have your own liquor license for this purpose. If you sell food [this includes condiments, and pre-packaged food], you will need to have a certificate of acceptability.

We haven’t opened up applications yet. At this point, what we need is for you to indicate your interest by completing the following short form: https://forms.gle/UR49XenNuQehwAyXA.