BrownSense Group has partnered with TymeBank to launch a new campaign [currently] for Android phone users. The campaign aims to offer Android users the chance to be among the first people to test the product. This partnership kicks off with the testing of a first of its kind transaction system, that is sure to benefit many SMEs. The campaign is thus a proof of concept for a product that will soon be launched by TymeBank. What this means is that the BrownSense ecosystem become the first to experience this, and be a part of it.

The launch of this new campaign will encourage increased engagement from the BrownSense community. And this partnership’s purpose is to provide its entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed. This unique collaboration should ensure that customers have the right methods and tools for the job at hand.

TymeBank is all about giving their customers great experiences. That’s why we’ve partnered with under the theme ‘Partnership that creates value.’ And we’re really excited about this milestone, because we know our partnership will help enhance this narrative, and create an even more enabling environment.

The partnership is also an endorsement that the work we, as BrownSense, have been doing since 2016 is yielding results for the many Black businesses that we continue to serve.

BrownSense and TymeBank are brands that are dedicated to progress, and that includes making the future brighter for everyone. To that end, it pleases us to say to you that we’ll be selecting 1,000 people to test our new product without transaction fees for three months. We believe this will help us better understand what our customers want and need, and provide even better service in the future.

To be the one of the lucky 1000 participants, click the link below to apply: