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The JACOB Strategy

Book Synopsis

The Jacob Strategy is an eclectic collection of timeless wisdoms on how to convert
adversity into opportunity and your work life gains into a university. It proposes that
every situation lends itself as a knowledge trough for those who will learn. The thoughts
are based on the ancient patriarch Jacob, a native of the Middle East who faced a
challenge regarding the ambitions of his early life which led him to be strategic in how he
dealt with the idea of getting ahead.

The book weaves through trails of thoughts, sets of hypotheses about how to change
one’s personal circumstances with regard to the raging battle within every human heart. It
deals with the facts and separates fictitious beliefs about our existence and it attempts to
set a tone for ‘truth’ and eluding definitions of the moral code. The Jacob Strategy
examines human resolve, the morality of the choices we make and the repercussions of
natural life. There is a sense in which we all have a compelling reason to question what
we have been taught and explore the knowledge systems of our elders and whether they
were wiser than people of this age. In this book you will be guided to view the
opportunity and blessing of effort as a place of learning, the beauty of failure, and the
‘redde debitum tuum’ a Latin concept where paying your dues can also be viewed as
overcoming what keeps you down instead of a sentence. Out of the above, flows the
strategy of the underdog, The Jacob Strategy.

It is a calling card to critical thought on how to navigate the unknown using what is
known. Somewhere in the maze and milieu of thought, is the reward to satisfy the
helpless longings of the African honey bird drooling for a morsel of wild honey in the
African Grasslands.

Abe Sibiya 


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