BrownSense Africa Group, a multi-vendor e-commerce platform for Black-owned businesses, recently organized a transformative event at Cheeba Cannabis Academy, Africa’s premier cannabis educator. The #StartUpSundays session provided a dynamic platform for learning, reminiscing, and embracing the power of entrepreneurship. From thought-provoking discussions on digital marketing to remarkable personal anecdotes, the event left attendees feeling invigorated, empowered, and ready to embark on their own ventures.

Insights on Digital Marketing and Social Impact:

Mbali Mbhele Ka Mavundla took the stage, captivating the audience with her profound insights into the realm of digital marketing. As she discussed her book, “Kids on the Road,” she highlighted its unique role in shaping young minds and promoting road safety. Mavundla’s revelation about the book’s inclusion of various automotive industry occupations opened doors of opportunity for children, potentially steering them towards future careers while fostering a safer environment on South Africa’s roads. Her words reminded us of the immense power of literature and its capacity to effect positive change in society.

A Tapestry of Entrepreneurial Experiences:

Themba Makamo, a gifted storyteller, shared a tapestry of entrepreneurial experiences, interwoven with his career as a journalist. Makamo’s enthralling account of the origins of Vaya Footwear left a lasting impact on attendees. His relatable journey compelled the audience to reflect upon the norms and conventions we often take for granted. By challenging established notions and embracing curiosity, Makamo encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs to think beyond boundaries and find inspiration in their own unique stories.

Navigating the Franchise Landscape and Personal Triumph:

Saki Mathele, an individual with no social media presence, offered an illuminating perspective on his path from a brokerage firm to the franchising space. Mathele fearlessly shared intimate details about the numbers and intricacies of his journey, providing valuable insights into his triumphs and struggles. His candid approach shed light on the practical aspects of securing funding and navigating the franchise industry. Mathele’s emphasis on the significance of a collective or familial support system underscored the importance of unity and collaboration in achieving success.

Empowerment Through Collaboration:

One of the event’s attendees, a merchant, revealed her aspirations to join Cheeba Africa’s courses but faced financial limitations. However, the powerful partnership between Cheeba and BrownSense emerged as a beacon of hope. Not only did she receive a 20% discount on the course fees, but she also learned that the certification granted upon completion would enable her to accept medical aid payments. This collaboration exemplified the potential for collective empowerment and demonstrated how strategic alliances can break down barriers and facilitate access to opportunities.

Fostering Joy and Inspiration:

Throughout the event, attendees experienced a whirlwind of emotions, from joy and inspiration to introspection and empowerment. These sessions, despite their toll, serve as crucial reminders of the strength found in the narratives of others. Witnessing and hearing the stories of fellow entrepreneurs reignites the flame of passion within each attendee, motivating them to persevere through their own challenges and pursue their dreams with renewed vigor.


BrownSense Africa’s #StartupSundays event at Cheeba Cannabis Academy created an empowering and inspiring space for learning, reflection, and collaboration. From the insightful discussions on digital marketing and social impact to the remarkable entrepreneurial journeys shared by speakers, the event served as a catalyst for personal and economic growth. The stories, experiences, and partnerships formed during the event continue to reverberate, encouraging attendees to embrace their own unique paths and contribute to the economic empowerment of the Black community.

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